Thursday, August 20, 2015

Countdown Deal on Amazon!

Morgan's Redemption: His Bluebonnet Bride is now on a countdown deal on Amazon for 99 cents! Buy it today, as deal ends in three days!

Happy Reading!

Mary L. Briggs

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Morgan's Redemption

Morgan Shepherd was a man on a mission. And killing would be the end result. An eye for an eye, a man's life for another. That was the way it should be. Or, the way that he wanted it to be. 

Josie Reade had plans of her own, as well. And they didn't include a mail-order husband, despite her father's best intentions.

He had a nice voice. Calm. Friendly. If he was nervous, it did not show. . . .he was quite sure of himself. Was that good or bad? She stared at his handsome profile. A man with that much self-assurance might not be as honorable as he appeared, she decided. It would be best if she kept an eye on him. Pa was too trusting. Too eager to find a husband for her. Not that he was going to accomplish that task.

But God always has a way of putting His own plan into motion and changing a person's heart. Even people as stubborn as Josie and Morgan. Will they listen to what He has to say?

Morgan's Redemption: His Bluebonnet Bride, is available on Amazon for $2.99. A free read on Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited!